RMC & Asociados Abogados – History and Philosophy


We are RMC & Asociados Abogados, a law firm created in 1947 by Carmelo Renobales Vivanco, together with other professionals that gave the name to our company: RENOBALES MARISCAL CASTRESANA & ASOCIADOS S.L.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals, with a strong background in our areas of expertise. We give independent and individualized advice to companies and individuals with the highest quality, efficiency and utility.

Located in Bilbao, we assist the European Union and Switzerland. Also, we advise our clients in matters that may arise in China, India, USA, Australia and Latin America.

We work hand in hand with the self-legal services when clients outsource part of their activities or specific matters, as well as with other law firms.


Our firm, RMC & Asociados Abogados, it is multidisciplinary and collective. We have the required staff and instruments to offer the best advice in diverse fields of law.

We are strongly committed with the businesses and the needs of the clients we have.

The services that we offer are oriented to the administration and public and private companies, big as well as small and medium.

We guide multinationals, big corporations, brokering firms, quoted and family companies.

We assist people that come to our facilities in a direct and near way to know in detail their requirements and to offer them the best alternatives.

If you would like to contact us you can do it through our website or by telephone: 944 234 000